GLP authorized Laboratory

GLP authorized Lab is located in Shandong Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Experiments like in vitro and in vivo drug screening,pharmacodynamics studies,harmacokinetic studies,evaluation study of drug safety,analysis testing and biological analysis,pathological studies can be undertaken. 2016,Rochen cooperate with Shandong Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences. As the GLP authorized unit,we devote to provide high quality CRO services to pharmaceutical companies .

Cell central Laboratory

Cell central Laboratory with 10,000 degree purification is located in high-tech zone,Hefei. With the benefit of the accumulation of cell research,we are aimed at making more progress to provide more convenient and cost-effective services.

Molecular comprehensive Laboratory

The laboratory is located in Bridge Bio Park,Jiangyin. More than 100 instruments are equiped. Services about molecular biology,cell biology,immunology,pathophysiology and animal research can be undertaken.

Pathology Laboratory

2014,Rochen cooperate with Anhui Provincial Hospital,making futher research about animal pathology.