22RV1 人前列腺癌细胞

Number Name Quantity Lead Time Price
RC-Cell-H0006 人前列腺癌细胞 1 3-4周 Inquiry
  • Product Introduction
  • Name:22RV1 人前列腺癌细胞
  • Standard:5*10^5
  • Culture Medium:RPMI-1640+10%FBS
  • Please observe whether the cell bottle is damaged first after you receive the cells. If liquid leakage or liquid muddy appear,please contact us in time.
  • Please read the cell instructions carefully in order to know more informations about cell morphology,culture medium,serum proportion,and required cytokines.
  • Please wipe the surface of the cell bottle with 75% alcohol and observe the cell state under microscope. A few of cells may remove from the bottle wall because of transportation. Please place the cells in incubator and take out the next day. At this time the majority are adherent cells. If still not,please detect the vitality by trypan blue staining. if the vitality is normal, please use fresh medium to culture again,if not,please take the photos and contact us in time, we may reissue for free after we make sure.
  • Customers are recommended to take photos of the cell for 3 days after receiving the cell in order to better communicate with our technical support.